Alberta Wetlands 101: Online Experience

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Alberta Wetlands 101: Online Experience

Created by trusted Alberta wetland professionals

Alberta Wetlands 101: Online Experience

20 years of professional wetland experience

Alberta Wetlands 101: Online Experience

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Get Your Rubber Boots On, It’s Time to Learn About Wetlands!

At the interface between uplands and aquatic systems, wetlands are the most challenging and complicated landforms in Alberta to understand. As trusted wetland professionals, we want to help ensure Alberta protects wetlands as provincial policies intended through easily accessible educational resources.

The goal of this free online course is to fill the knowledge gap across the range of Alberta’s professionals, industries, and general public. Our barrier-free approach can help Albertans attain the basic competencies around our wetlands and how the province manages these ecosystems.

About The Course

Our course features eleven 5-7 minute videos regularly updated with the most current information about wetlands and Alberta’s policies. Students will receive a certificate of completion for obtaining a minimum of 80% on each of the chapter quizzes. Alternatively, students have the option of taking the course for “fun” with no evaluations after viewing each video. So sit back, plug in your headphones, and get ready to learn about some of Alberta’s most valued ecosystems!

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